Vancouver Auto Repair, Tire Shop, & Oil Change Services

Servicing vehicles in the Vancouver, Washington area for years, Gaynor’s Automotive has become a trustworthy name for auto repair, preventative maintenance, and auto inspections. With both years of experience and competitive prices, Gaynor’s Automotive’s team of expert mechanics can handle any and every auto repair in the Vancouver area. Let our ASE-certified master mechanics keep your vehicle running smoothly and get you back on the road. 

Vancouver’s Best Automotive Service Provider

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Located Throughout the Vancouver Area

At Gaynor’s Automotive, we know that finding an auto repair shop in Vancouver can be a daunting task. You want to be sure that you now only find an auto mechanic that is conveniently located, but also one that you can trust to give you fair prices and manage your car repair with expertise and skill. 

With our locations all around the Vancouver area, we make it simple and convenient to find one of our excellent auto repair shops. When you bring your vehicle into one of our many locations, you can expect outstanding service, competitive prices, and great mechanical expertise. 

Full-Service Auto Repair Shop

Though the phrase goes “Jack of all trades is a master of none,” we here at Gaynor’s Automotive employ master mechanics that truly excel in every area of auto repair. Whether you need to have your tires rotated, your belts and hoses replaced, your transmission serviced, or anything in between, our team of experienced mechanics have the experience, the skills, and the advanced technology necessary to service every one of the needs your vehicle may have. 

Check out the full list of the services we offer to keep your car or truck in top condition, and let our crew handle every one of your auto repair needs. 

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Servicing Your Vehicle With Top-Tier Automotive Parts & Products

Among the wide range of services that we offer, you can rest easy knowing that we have the best of the best when it comes to brands of tires, oil, filters, and other components. We offer a wide variety of top-brand tires to choose from and will gladly install them for you with expert care. 

We also use only high-quality Valvoline oil for your oil changes to ensure that your engine never gets bogged down with oil buildup or sludge from lower-quality oils.

Top-Notch Oil Change Services

Keep your vehicle running smoothly with our top-notch oil change service in Vancouver. At Gaynor’s Automotive, we understand the importance of regular oil changes in maintaining your car’s health and performance. Our skilled mechanics help you choose the best oil and filters to ensure optimal lubrication and protection for your engine. With years of experience in the industry, we guarantee a quick and hassle-free oil change service that will have you back on the road in no time. Trust us to provide the care your car deserves, extending its lifespan and preventing costly repairs. Drive with confidence and schedule your oil change today at Gaynor’s Automotive in Vancouver. Your car will thank you for it!

Trusted Vancouver Transmission Shop

For reliable transmission repair in Vancouver, trust our Vancouver transmission shop specialists. With advanced diagnostic tools and expertise, we efficiently address transmission issues for all vehicle types. From minor adjustments to essential transmission fluid flushes, we ensure optimal performance. Count on our transparent repair assessments and honest solutions within your budget. Don’t delay—visit us if you notice unusual noises, gear slipping, or transmission fluid leaks. Our certified mechanics are committed to delivering a smooth driving experience. Choose us for exceptional auto repair service and customer satisfaction, and let us get your vehicle back on the road in top shape.

Expert Fleet Repair and Service

When the success of your business depends on keeping your fleet vehicles on the road, only the best auto repair will do. Whether you have a small business with one or two vehicles, or you have a large corporate or government fleet, Gaynor’s Automotive is your one-stop shop.

Our Vancouver fleet services include tires, minor and major repairs, routine maintenance, and more, plus we honor fleet service contracts. Our fleet pros will make sure your fleet vehicles stay well-maintained, and we’ll remind you when services are due. All Gaynor’s Automotive locations offer expert fleet repair and service from experienced, top-notch technicians. 

We also offer tires for your fleet vehicles from major manufacturers such as Cooper, BF Goodrich, Toyo, and others.

Your Auto Repairs Are Covered Under Warranty

Here at Gaynor’s Automotive, we stand by our work and auto repairs. We believe that you should be able to reasonably expect any repairs that we perform to hold up for at least two years or 24,000 miles. You can check out our full list of warranties that we have on all the work we do and peruse the entirety of our excellent service. At our core, our service all boils down to performing quality auto repairs that are meant to last and keep your car or truck running smoothly.

With Great Auto Service, Come Great Auto Specials

Gaynor’s Automotive believes that our premium services are both high quality and reasonably priced to be fair and competitive. That being said, we know the value of a great deal on quality auto repair and offer a variety of specials to help you out when you bring in your car or truck for an oil change or auto repair. This is just one of the many ways our team takes care of you and always strives to offer the best auto service in the Vancouver area. 

At Gaynor’s Automotive, we know that bringing your vehicle into an auto repair shop may be the last thing you wanted to do today and only one of many more things still on your list. That’s why we offer the convenience of a shuttle service that can bring you to and from work or home so you can get on with your day with as little interruption as possible. Just ask about our shuttle service when you make your appointment.

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When you bring your vehicle into a Gaynor’s Automotive location, you can be sure that you will receive quality service from expert car mechanics. When it comes to experience and care for automobile repairs and maintenance, there is none better than Gaynor’s Automotive. Schedule service today and experience the best of the best in auto repair and maintenance.

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Vancouver Auto Repair FAQs

Do I have to take my vehicle to the dealership for service to protect my warranty?

No, you have the legal right to take your car or truck to any shop for car repair and maintenance. A dealership or vehicle manufacturer cannot deny your warranty coverage if service was performed outside of the dealership. At Gaynor’s Automotive, you’ll receive top-quality service that meets or exceeds what you’ll find at any dealership. Our ASE-certified mechanics can provide any of the automotive repair and maintenance services you may need.

What is preventative auto maintenance?

Following the recommended preventative maintenance routine is the best way to extend the life of your vehicle. This type of maintenance is more than just regular oil changes. Preventative maintenance involves regular vehicle inspections, fluid changes, tire rotations, filter changes, and more. All of these things help ensure that your vehicle stays in optimal running condition and that any small issues are caught early before they turn into more serious, much more costly problems.

In general, your vehicle should be serviced at the 30,000-mile, 60,000-mile, and 90,000-mile marks. But, the best thing to do is follow the manufacturer’s recommended preventative maintenance schedule for your specific vehicle (in your owner’s manual). If you frequently drive in stop-and-go traffic, drive short commutes often, or tow heavy loads, your vehicle may need preventative maintenance more frequently. If you’re unsure about the schedule that’s best for your car or truck, our expert technicians will be glad to make a recommendation.

Here at Gaynor’s Automotive, our ASE-certified technicians perform a variety of maintenance services, including:

When you need an experienced car mechanic in Vancouver, trust the team at Gaynor’s Automotive. We can help extend the life of your engine and keep your vehicle running its best. Schedule your appointment today at the location nearest you.

Make sure to also check out our latest specials to help save you even more money on your visit!

How can I tell if my brakes need to be serviced?

Your brakes are, of course, a critical safety component on your vehicle and you rely on them to operate properly every time you drive. So, if you start to notice changes in how your brakes are performing, bring your vehicle in for a brake system inspection as soon as possible.

Over time, during normal use, heat and friction will start to wear down the brake system components of your vehicle. This is why we recommend having your brakes inspected at least once per year. This helps ensure the best performance of the system.

There are several indicators that it’s time for brake service:

    • High-pitched squealing, squeaking, or thumping sounds when braking
    • Scraping or grinding sounds, which can also occur when not braking
    • Vibration or shaking when braking
    • The vehicle pulls to one side when braking
    • Yellow puddles of brake fluid under the vehicle
    • Less brake pedal resistance when braking
    • More distance is needed to stop completely

If any of the above is happening, bring your vehicle to us here at Gaynor’s Automotive as soon as possible.

When should I bring my vehicle into an auto repair shop?

While you should certainly follow your vehicle’s manual from the manufacturer to learn about bringing in your vehicle for preventative maintenance, your vehicle will start to show certain signs that it is time to visit the car mechanic. If you are experiencing anything that feels off, it is best to take your vehicle to an auto repair shop to be on the safe side. Here are some of the signals your vehicle will give you if there is something that needs to be checked or repaired:

  • Signal or error lights on the dashboard
  • Loud noises such as clanking, sputtering, or thumping
  • Rough transitions between gears
  • Jerking when accelerating
  • Shaking, rattling or wobbling when driving or idling

How often should I have my brakes serviced?

To help keep your brakes in top condition and operating safely, we recommend having your brakes inspected every six months or 6,000 miles.

When your brake system is no longer working as optimally as it should, our ASE-certified technicians can provide top-quality brake service that includes:

    • Visual inspection of the hydraulic braking system and brake friction.
    • Resurfacing rotors and/or drums, where applicable
    • Installing new premium-grade brake pads and/or brake shoes
    • Checking and repacking wheel bearings, if applicable

Schedule your appointment today for a brake inspection and service.

Does Gaynor’s Automotive service car air conditioners?

Gaynor’s Automotive offers a wide variety of auto repairs and services including car AC repairs. Since the air conditioning systems in modern cars and trucks are highly complex, it’s important to have your AC serviced by experienced technicians. At Gaynor’s, our factory-trained AC pros can handle all aspects of AC repair, including computerized components.

In addition to air conditioner repairs, we also offer services for everything from transmission repairs, engine diagnostics and repairs, and radiators, to brakes, tires and wheels. Take a look at all the car repair services we offer and trust that we can handle any auto repair or maintenance that you need done to your motor vehicle.

What should I do if a dashboard warning light comes on?

Most modern cars and trucks are equipped with computerized internal monitoring and control systems. Part of a vehicle’s monitoring system is a variety of different dashboard warning lights. These lights are indicators that a fluid level might be low or that something is not operating as it should be.

Do not ignore a dashboard warning light that comes on. Doing so can lead to even bigger and more expensive problems. So, if you see a dashboard light on, bring your vehicle into one of our Vancouver area car repair shops as soon as you can.

Our ASE-certified technicians will use a diagnostics/scanning tool to connect to your vehicle’s computer system, determine what the light is indicating, and perform the necessary service. We can inspect and service a variety of components and engine systems, including your ignition system, emission system, electrical system, and more.

Should the oil filter be replaced during each oil change?

Yes. We recommend that the oil filter be replaced every time the engine oil is changed, which should be approximately every 3,000 to 5,000 miles (or sometimes more with full synthetic oil).

Some vehicle manufacturers say that the oil filter only needs to be replaced at every other oil change. But, this does not take into account the fact that most oil filters in today’s vehicles have been downsized to pint-sized versus the previous “standard” quart-sized filter. At that smaller size, the oil filter won’t be able to properly perform if you wait until the second oil change.

Here at Gaynor’s Automotive, every oil change service includes an oil filter replacement to help keep your engine properly protected.

Why are regular tire rotations important?

Good quality tires are an investment that you should protect and ensure you get the full life out of. One of the easiest ways to do this is to include tire rotations in your preventative maintenance routine. Doing so will ensure that your tires are wearing evenly and improve their longevity.

When your tires wear unevenly it can quickly reduce the lifespan of the tire, reduce your vehicle’s fuel economy, and cause other tire repair needs. So, we always recommend that a tire rotation be done with every oil change. During a tire rotation service here at Gaynor’s Automotive, your tires will be rotated in alternating patterns (depending on the type of vehicle, type of tires, and what was previously done). This will help ensure even tread wear and optimal performance.

We will also examine your tires’ air pressure and tread, and make sure all of the lug nuts are tightened properly. Schedule a tire rotation at our location nearest you today and help maintain the performance and life of your tires.

How can I tell if I need new tires?

Through everyday driving, even the best tires that are maintained and rotated regularly will wear in time. As your tires become more worn and the tread becomes thinner, the less traction they will have on the road. In general, tires usually need to be replaced every couple of years. The life of your tires will be impacted by your driving habits, local weather conditions, and road conditions.

It is very important to regularly visually inspect your tires and do not ignore the need for new tires when that time comes.

Indicators that it is time for new tires include:

  • When the tire tread reaches less than 4/32” deep
  • Cracks in the sidewalls
  • Uneven tread wear
  • Objects stuck in the tire
  • Bulges, weak spots, or blisters

If you notice any of the above or your vehicle is having trouble gripping in wet or snowy conditions, it is time to start shopping for new tires.

How often should I take my car to a transmission shop to be serviced?

Our transmission experts recommend that you have your transmission checked out and serviced once a year. This can help extend the life of your vehicle and can save you money—the sooner our technicians discover the first signs of transmission trouble, the greater the chances you can avoid extensive damage that can lead to costly transmission repair. We can take care of everything from a simple transmission fluid change or transmission fluid flush, to the most complex transmission repairs.

The signs that may indicate it’s time for transmission service include leaking fluid, shaking or vibrating of your vehicle, a burning smell, or a whining sound while you’re on the road. If you notice any of these signs or your Check Engine light is on, make an appointment as soon as possible with our transmission shop.

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