Six Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

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Oil changes are among the most common auto maintenance services in the world and for good reason. Without a sufficient amount of clean motor oil, your vehicle simply can’t operate as it should. Avoiding oil changes can reduce your car’s lifespan, make your vehicle run less efficiently than usual, and even permanently damage your engine.

It pays for Vancouver residents to know when they need an oil change. As part of this, you’ll want to set up an oil change schedule to reduce your risk of missing an oil change. But your car can also run into unexpected motor oil problems, so it’s good to know the warning signs associated with these issues. Read on for six telltale factors indicating your car is ready for an oil change. Also, make sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to Oil Change Service in Vancouver, which provides valuable insights on how to maintain your vehicle's oil.

The Top Six Signs of a Motor Oil Problem

1. Low Oil

Even if you get oil changes regularly, your motor oil can run out between appointments if you aren’t careful. With that in mind, it’s wise to check your oil level regularly.

If you drive an older vehicle, checking your oil will involve using the dipstick (located under your car’s hood) to measure your oil level manually. You may not have to perform this test with newer vehicles, since many of these cars include built-in oil monitoring systems. Either way, if you find out that your oil level is low, you will need to set up an oil change service in Vancouver at Gaynor’s immediately.

2. Visibly Dirty Oil

While you’re checking your oil, take some time to look at its current condition. If the oil on your dipstick contains debris, it’s probably been through your engine enough times to get dirty—meaning it can’t do its job as effectively as it should. Even if your oil level is still sufficiently high, this is a sure sign that it’s time for an oil change.

Be sure to also check your oil’s texture during this process. Clean motor oil has a thin consistency—if your oil is thick, gloopy, or yogurt-like, it’s likely time to get it replaced.

3. Unusual Engine Noises

Have you heard a “knocking” sound from your engine while driving? If so, it’s easy to become alarmed by this. The good news is that you might not have to set up an appointment for engine rebuilding just yet. This sound can also be caused by old motor oil, so a simple oil change could be enough to resolve the issue.

Knocking isn’t the only engine noise oil troubles can cause,  either. When your oil is dirty, it takes longer to distribute throughout your vehicle’s engine. If that’s the case, you might hear a “ticking” sound when you start your car.

If an oil change doesn't solve the problem, our car engine rebuilding services in Vancouver are here to help. Our expert team can diagnose the issue and determine if an engine rebuild or repair is necessary to get your car running smoothly again. Ignoring engine noises can lead to serious damage, so don't wait to get it checked out. Trust us to take care of your engine and get you back on the road safely. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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4. Changing Travel Habits

Of course, traveling more often than usual means you’ll use a lot of fuel. But this can put a strain on your car in other ways, too. If you’ve just returned from a lengthy road trip, checking your oil isn’t a bad idea—even if you think you shouldn’t need an oil change for a while.

5. Exhaust Pipe Smoke

When your exhaust pipe starts emitting smoke, there are a few potential culprits—and motor oil issues are one of them. Blue or gray exhaust pipe smoke can indicate that your oil is running low. Spotting this type of smoke means you may need an oil change as soon as possible to avoid significant engine woes. (Even if oil problems aren’t the cause of your exhaust pipe smoke, it’s still a good idea to have a reputable auto shop look at this issue.) If you notice this type of smoke, it's important to get your vehicle checked out by a reliable auto shop that offers muffler and exhaust repair services in Vancouver. They can diagnose the issue and recommend any necessary repairs or maintenance, including an oil change if needed, to help prevent further damage to your engine. Remember, it's always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your vehicle's health.

6. Active Warning Lights

Finally, low oil levels are one of the many things that can cause your “check engine” light to turn on. It’s impossible to know what this light truly means without access to diagnostic equipment, so be sure to bring your car to Gaynor’s Automotive when it activates. Whether your vehicle requires an oil change or substantial repairs, we’ll get you back on the road right away!

What Should Your Oil Change Service Include?

An oil change may sound like a basic task—and compared to a full-fledged auto repair, it is. Even so, that doesn’t mean this is something you should have to take care of by yourself. Instead, finding an auto shop that provides oil changes Vancouver residents trust is in your best interest.

Finding a trusted auto shop is essential since some oil changes are more effective than others. A basic oil change service won’t cause any difficulties for your vehicle, but it doesn’t go further than replacing your oil. Because of that, you might not get the best possible value—and you might miss out on other services that could help protect your car.

With this in mind, you should look for Vancouver auto shops that offer full-service oil changes. These oil changes go above and beyond, thanks to the inclusion of auto maintenance tasks like:

  • Replacing your oil filter.
  • Checking and topping off other auto fluids.
  • Lubricating your chassis.

Get The Best Oil Change Vancouver Has to Offer

Are you a Vancouver resident looking for an oil change you can count on? If that’s the case, your best move is to visit Gaynor’s Automotive for this service. At Gaynor’s, you’ll get a full-service oil change from ASE-certified mechanics while paying a reasonable rate. Schedule your next oil change at Gaynor’s today, and be sure to save extra with our oil change coupons!

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