Brake Service Safety Tips for Vancouver Drivers

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Have Confidence in Your Stopping Power

While many drivers focus on their engines and how fast their cars can accelerate to 60 mph, not so many drivers put a lot of emphasis on how quickly their vehicle can bring them from 60 back to a stop. However, when you press the brake pedal, you want to do so with confidence, knowing that your vehicle is going to stop. Brake health is vitally important, especially in emergencies, when a healthy brake system could mean the difference between a near miss and a collision.

At Gaynor’s Automotive, we understand the importance of keeping your brake system in perfect shape, which is why we provide professional brake service on all make and model vehicles. Whether you drive a sports car, an SUV, or a pickup truck, it's important that your vehicle's braking system always maintains its stopping power. Let's take a look at some important brake safety tips, and be sure to schedule service at Gaynor’s Automotive today for expert brake service in Vancouver

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The Importance of Brake Health

Nothing is worse than pressing down on your brake pedal and your vehicle not coming to a stop. This has been the unfortunate experience of many drivers who relied on their brakes to prevent a collision, but when they hit the brakes, their vehicle did not slow as expected. In many cases, brake trouble can largely be avoided with routine maintenance. Routine brake maintenance services are vital to keeping your brake system operational and dependable. Here are a few examples of common brake services that help maintain your vehicle's stopping power:

  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake rotor replacement
  • Brake fluid flush

These simple services can help your brake system operate optimally and provide the dependable braking power that you rely on every time you press your brake pedal. However, keeping your brake system healthy isn't just about servicing. Your driving habits play a large role in your vehicle's stopping power as well.  

Defensive Driving Practices for Brake Health

Driving habits play a large role in the wear and tear of your brakes. Below are a few driving tips that can help you optimize the performance and longevity of your brake system. 

Don’t Ride Your Brakes

Brakes use friction to bring you to a stop. However, friction generates immense heat, which in turn lowers the efficacy of your brakes. In fact, your brakes can get so hot under extreme use that your rotors can warp — further lowering the stopping power of your brake system because they no longer have a smooth surface to grab onto.

Drivers who rely too often on their brakes, commonly known as “riding the brakes,'' can quickly wear down their brake pads and diminish their braking system performance. In addition, driving with hot brakes can compromise your stopping power in emergency braking situations.

Look Further Ahead on the Road

Many drivers only pay attention to what's going on with the vehicle ahead of them or a short distance beyond. In truth, you are supposed to look about a quarter-mile ahead of you as you drive. This not only helps to identify potential dangers but also leaves ample time to react and avoid a collision. Looking further ahead also minimizes the need for sudden braking, which can help to minimize the wear and tear on your brake system.

Coast When You Can

Another tip that we have for minimizing your dependence on your vehicle's brakes is to coast when possible. Coasting is the act of letting off the accelerator and allowing the vehicle to lose momentum naturally. This practice is helpful when approaching stop lights, stop signs, or even exiting the highway. 

Seasonal Brake Maintenance 

We recommend bringing your vehicle to our brake shop roughly every 10,000 miles for a general brake check. This will help identify potential issues well before they become problems. However, winter can be an especially harsh season for your brake system.  From ice and snow introducing moisture into your system to salt and grime corroding your brake lines, winter can be one of the most challenging seasons for your brakes. Because of this, we recommend scheduling service twice during winter months:  once at the beginning of winter to make sure that your brakes are ready to power through the season and once mid-season to ensure that cold weather and corrosion have not compromised your brake system. 

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What To Do in Case of Brake Failure 

Brake failure can be an extremely scary experience; however, so long as road conditions permit, there are ways to safely get through it. 

Step One: Don’t Panic

When you first step on the brakes and your vehicle does not slow, it is easy to panic. However, the key is to remain calm and remember that you are still in control of your vehicle.

Step Two: Try the Brakes Again

Completely let your foot off the brake, and attempt to use the brake pedal again.  Sometimes, air in your brake lines can cause your brakes to temporarily not respond. However, pumping the brake pedal or retrying your brakes can clear the air bubble and allow your brakes to work again.

Step Three: Slowly Engage the Emergency Brakes

Gradually engage your emergency brake to slow your vehicle down. It's important to not abruptly engage your brakes, as this may cause you to skid out of control. 

Step Four: Pull to the Side of the Road

Now that you have successfully pulled off to the side of the road, it's important to call emergency roadside assistance to tow your vehicle to a qualified brake shop like Gaynor’s Automotive. Once here, we can perform expert brake repair so you can get back on the road with confidence in your stopping power. 

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We also offer fantastic brake repair and auto service coupons that help you save money while enjoying trusted brake services in Vancouver. 

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