Common Brake Repairs and Brake Replacement Services

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Brake Repair Made Simple 

Your brake system is a vital component of your vehicle. Without a functioning brake system, your vehicle will be hard to slow down, which could lead to serious safety concerns. Neglecting routine service is one of the fastest ways to compromise your brake system and lead to potential dangers. 

At Gaynor’s Automotive, we understand the importance of brake maintenance services, which is why we feature a staff of ASE-certified mechanics who can handle all of your automotive needs. When you require brake replacement or repair services, our experts at Gaynor’s Automotive can get the job done with assurance. Let's look at some of the most common brake repair services and find out why drivers trust our professional auto shop for all of their vehicle’s needs.

Brake Pad Replacement

What Is It?

If your vehicle has disc-style brakes, it uses high-friction brake pads to clamp down onto a rotor to bring you to a stop. These brake pads wear thin over time and must be replaced to maintain your vehicle’s stopping power. 

Why Is It Important?

When you press down on your brake pedal, you do so with the expectation that your vehicle will come to a stop. If your brake pads wear too thin, they cannot perform effectively, and your vehicle may not stop as quickly as you need it to. Ensuring that your brake pads have sufficient thickness is important because neglecting a brake pad replacement could lead to a potential collision if you're unable to stop in time of emergency.

How Often Will You Need It? 

How often you will need brake pads depends on the vehicle that you drive and your driving habits. It is recommended that you perform a brake pad replacement as required, generally between 15,000-75,000 miles. 

You will need a brake pad replacement more frequently if any of the following factors apply:

  • You drive mostly in the city.
  • You are aggressive on the brake pedal.
  • You tow or haul. 
  • You do a lot of mountain driving.

Brake Rotor/Disc Resurfacing or Replacement

What Is It?

Your vehicle's rotors spin with your wheels and are the metal surface that your brake pads clamp onto to bring your car to a stop. Because immense heat is generated under normal braking conditions, and especially under emergency or heavy braking conditions, your rotors are susceptible to warping or wearing unevenly. 

Although your rotors eventually need replacement, they do not need it as often as your brake pads. While performing a brake pad replacement, our certified mechanics will inspect your rotors to determine if they are fit to remain in service or if they need to be changed. If your rotors have worn too thin, our mechanics will recommend a replacement. They will also sand your rotors smoothly in preparation for new brake pads if your rotors can be resurfaced. This ensures an even fit and a sure grip so that your new brake pads can securely clamp onto your rotors. 

Why Is It Important?

Ensuring that your brake pads have an even surface to grip onto is vital. If your brake pads are unable to make full contact with your rotors, it could be detrimental to your stopping power. Resurfacing or replacing your brake rotors is critical to maintaining proper brake performance.

How Often Will You Need It? 

Under normal use, your brake rotors will require replacement every 60,000-80,000 miles. We also recommend that you resurface your brake rotors every time you replace your brake pads. Even if your rotors are worn evenly, resurfacing ensures that your brake pads fit snugly against your rotors for maximum stopping power. 

Brake Caliper Repair or Replacement

What Is It?

Your brake caliper holds a piston that forces your brake pads against your rotor. These calipers can sometimes become damaged, fail to clamp your brake pad against your rotor, and even lock it in place. Replacing a malfunctioned brake caliper is key to your brake system performing properly.

Why Is It Important?

Driving a vehicle with a defective brake caliper can damage your tires and brake pads and even lead to a collision. This is because your brake system cannot effectively operate with damaged or malfunctioned calipers. If a brake caliper has locked and caused your brake pad to clamp onto the brake rotor, your wheel can drag, leading to tire damage, increased brake wear, and other potential problems.

How Often Will You Need It? 

Brake caliper replacement or repair should only be done when necessary. Damaged brake calipers can sometimes result from a neglected brake system. With regular brake service, your calipers can last for the life of your car. Neglecting to lubricate the proper components in your brake system, or driving with corroded brake lines, can result in the malfunction of your brake calipers. Leaving a vehicle sitting for an extended period of time with the parking brake engaged can also cause your brake calipers to lock.

Brake Drum Inspection and Servicing

What Is It?

Drum brake systems have a different anatomy than disc brakes. With drum brakes, a set of shoes press outward against a rotating cylinder that is called a brake drum. The friction between these two components coming into contact with one another is what slows your vehicle down. 

Why Is It Important?

Ensuring that your vehicle's drum brakes have sufficient thickness is important to bring your vehicle to a stop. If your drum brakes wear thin, you'll notice a constant grinding noise that is often a sign that your brakes have worn to their minimum thickness.

How Often Will You Need It? 

Drum brakes, like disc brakes, must be inspected regularly and replaced as needed. These types of brakes are not common on many modern vehicles, but vehicles that do use these brakes usually feature disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear. Due to their different styles, these brakes wear at different rates. Rear drum brakes will often last twice as long as front disc brakes. 

Take the Stress Out of Your Brake Repair Needs 

At Gaynor’s Automotive, we make brake repair simple. We feature ASE-certified mechanics to keep your vehicle in its best mechanical shape and fantastic special brake repair offers to help you save money. Schedule service today, and see why we're one of the most trusted service facilities for all of your automotive needs. 

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